Reliable Climate-Controlled Storage in Ballwin, MO

When people are looking to store their items, whether it’s because they have too much stuff or they are moving somewhere else, it’s likely that many of the items within storage need to be stored within a certain temperature range. From clothing and books to memorabilia and furniture, it’s often not recommended for most of these items to be exposed to extreme heat, cold, or moist conditions.
In fact, it’s those very conditions that can lead to rust, corrosion, mold, and a plethora of other effects that can surprise storage owners if and when they return for their belongings.
Past solutions for this simply meant keeping many of your belongings at home, clogging up space that would otherwise be used for other (and likely more efficient) purposes. But fortunately for these people, many storage facilities now provide climate-controlled storage units that serve as perfect solutions.
These units are exactly as they sound:
Temperature (and sometimes even moisture) controlled rooms that can be utilized for storage. These rooms, which average at around 55-85 degrees, are the perfect solution for individuals who need consistent temperatures for their storage needs in order to preserve their belongings.
And for people in Ballwin, Missouri, looking for more temperature-regulated storage solutions, the team at A Storage Inn has the perfect options for you.

A Storage Inn is ready to help you
Located in Ballwin, MO, A Storage Inn is the area’s trusted storage provider for all things climate-controlled storage. We offer a wide selection of storage units, all of which come with climate control options, ensuring that you can store however much you need to. Our facility offers 24-hour gated access, drive-up access, and an onsite property manager, you can take comfort knowing that your stored items are safe and that you can access them at any time.
Give us a call at (636) 434-1628 or visit our website and see how our storage options can help you! You can also stop by our facility on 14086 Manchester Road, which is right by the County Animal Hospital. We can't wait to serve you!